Ted Dekker – Water Walker

Ted Dekker’s Water Walker is the second book in the Outlaw Chronicles.

This book was originally released as four separate novellas between February and March 2014, before being made available as one complete story on March 18, 2014.

Water Walker book description

“My name is Alice Ringwald, but the man who kidnapped me says that’s a lie.”

Thirteen-year-old orphan Alice Ringwald has no memory beyond six months ago.

The only life she knows is the new one she’s creating one day at a time with the loving couple that recently adopted her and gave her new hope. That hope, however, is shattered one night when she is abducted by a strange man.

In a frantic FBI man hunt, the kidnapper vanished with Alice.

So begins Water Walker, a modern-day parable that examines the staggering power of forgiveness, and reminds us that it’s possible to live free of the hurt that keeps our souls in chains.

Water Walker

Ted Dekker Water Walker

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