Ted Dekker – The Martyr’s Song

Ted Dekker – The Martyr’s Song is the final novel in the series bearing the same name.

The non-ebook version of the book also came with a CD containing a song called Martyr’s Song by Todd Agnew. That’s available on his album Better Questions.

This novel was released on August 30, 2005.

The Martyr’s Song book description

What would you die for?

That’s the question suddenly thrust upon a small band of women and children in Bosnia at the close of World War II. When a group of bitter soldiers stumble upon their peaceful village, they suddenly face an insidious evil… and the ultimate test.

It is then, in the midst of chaos and pain that the Martyr’s Song is first heard. It is then that the window into heaven first opens. It is then that love and beauty are shown in breathtaking reality.

You have in your hands the story and the song that changed… everything.

The Martyr's Song

Ted Dekker The Martyr's Song

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