Ted Dekker – The Heaven Trilogy

Ted Dekker – The Heaven Trilogy is a book that contains the first three stories from the Martyr’s Song series.

This collection was published on October 12, 2010.

The Heaven Trilogy book description

Dive deep into the stories that began it all.

Ted Dekker’s first novels – collected together for the first time.

This trilogy is the collection of three gripping, psychological thrillers that peel back the skin of this world to reveal a supernatural reality rarely seen.

A daring wager of life and death in Denver.

An unfathomable leap of faith in a small Balkan village near the end of WWII.

A global struggle for power that begins deep in the Amazon jungle.

All three stories are bound together by one family’s timeless, harrowing discovery of love and all that is unseen.

The Heaven Trilogy offers a window into a world more real and vital than most people ever discover here on earth.

A hidden world where the real dramas of the universe – and our daily lives – continually unfold.

The Heaven Trilogy

Ted Dekker The Heaven Trilogy

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