Ted Dekker – The Forgotten Way Meditations

The Forgotten Way Meditations is a series of 21 short daily meditations written by Ted Dekker.

This book was published on June 6, 2016.

The Forgotten Way Meditations book description

If there is one elephant in the room among those of us who call ourselves Christian, it is that what we think and say we believe and what we actually experience are all too often two radically different realities.

Do you ever wonder if we’ve been missing something? We claim to be saved in the next life, but can we find peace in the storms that rise up against us in this life? The answer is an unequivocal yes. But that yes means looking at ourselves and the world differently, which leads to a new way of being.

The Forgotten Way Meditations is a journey of re-discovering the radical love, peace, and identity found in Yeshua so you can see and be differently. Forgotten, because Yeshua’s simple path of awakening to love, peace and power in this life is rarely remembered (or understood) by millions of Christians weighed down with life’s cares and concerns. Way because it is a pathway we walk, not a checklist of rules to follow.

Read The Forgotten Way as a book, or take the journey through 21 short daily meditations and you will never see yourself in the same way. Come all who are weary and find rest.

Enter the Way of Yeshua so easily forgotten. Take the journey from hate to love; from fear to faith. The journey from insecurity to complete rest. Here you will find peace in the storms; you will walk on the troubled seas of your life. Love, joy and peace will flow from you as living waters.

Ted Dekker The Forgotten Way Meditations