Ted Dekker – Renegade

Renegade is the 3rd installment in the Lost Books series by Ted Dekker.

This novel had a publication date of May 6, 2008.

Renegade book description

One of the chosen has gone renegade.

Turning his back on all that he once believed, Billos does the forbidden and enters into a Book of History.

He lands in a reality as foreign to him as water is to oil — a place called Paradise, Colorado. He has strange new powers given to him courtesy of a mysterious figure known as Marsuvees Black.

The chosen four have survived the desert, escaped the Black Forest, battled the Horde, and added a spirited refugee to their number.

But nothing has prepared them for the showdown that Billos, the renegade, is luring them into.


Ted Dekker Renegade

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