Ted Dekker Martyr’s Song Series

Back on October 3, 2000, Ted Dekker released his first novel which was called Heaven’s Wager.

This was the start of his Martyr’s Song series and set him on the path to becoming a NYT bestselling author.

This series initially consisted of three novels that made up the Heaven Trilogy and was followed in 2005 by another book called The Martyr’s Song.

Below, you can find a list of the books that link to pages for each of them. On those pages, you’ll find descriptions of the stories, pictures of the book covers and links to the novels on Amazon where you can read reviews before getting a copy.

We also have a separate list of all Ted Dekker’s books in order – you can find that here.

Martyr’s Song Series In Order

  1. Heaven’s Wager
  2. When Heaven Weeps
  3. Thunder Of Heaven
  4. The Martyr’s Song

You can also get the first three novels in the Martyr’s Song series in The Heaven Trilogy: