Ted Dekker – Heaven’s Wager

Heaven’s Wager is the first novel in Ted Dekker’s series of Martyr’s Song books.

This was the first book published by the NYT bestselling author and was released on October 3, 2000.

Heaven’s Wager book description

It was an absolutely perfect day… until everything went absolutely perfectly wrong.

Kent Anthony is a brilliant software engineer who is cashing in on a brilliant career. He’s finally living the idyllic life, far from thoughts of theft and murder and other kinds of horrible criminal behavior.

He’s left his past far behind… or so he thinks.

Ted Dekker delivers a fascinating story of the almost perfect crime, interwoven with a tale of bittersweet love that is almost enough to save a soul.

A story that will bring you face-to-face with a hidden world more real than most people ever realize; a world where the unseen is more powerful than anything seen.

Heaven's Wager

Ted Dekker Heaven's Wager

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