Ted Dekker – Hacker

Hacker by Ted Dekker is the third novel in his series of Outlaw Chronicles.

This book had a release date of May 20, 2014.

Hacker book description

My name is Nyah and I’m a hacker. I know things most people would never believe. Things that shouldn’t exist, but do.

Seventeen year old Nyah Parks is a genius hacker who makes a living by cracking the firewalls of the world’s largest corporations.

But when the biggest job of her life goes wrong she’s plunged into a desperate situation with only one way out: one last hack that will either save her or kill her.

So begins Hacker, a modern day parable that examines the staggering world around us, the seen and unseen, and reminds us that there’s far more to who we are than meets the eye.


Ted Dekker Hacker

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