Ted Dekker – Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open by Ted Dekker is the first novel in the bestselling author’s Outlaw Chronicles series.

This was a serialized book that was originally published as four separate short stories:

  1. Identity
  2. Mirrors
  3. Unseen
  4. Seer

The full version of this novel was released on January 14, 2013, shortly after the four novellas were released separately.

Eyes Wide Open book description

Who am I?

My name is Christy Snow. I’m seventeen and I’m about to die.

I’m buried in a coffin under tons of concrete. No one knows where I am. My heart sounds like a monster with clobber feet, running straight toward me. I’m lying on my back, soaked with sweat from the hair on my head to the soles of my feet. My hands and feet won’t stop shaking.

Some will say that I’m not really here. Some will say I’m delusional. Some will say that I don’t even exist. But who are they? I’m the one buried in a grave.

My name is Christy Snow. I’m seventeen. I’m about to die.

So who are you?

In a return to the kind of storytelling that made Black, Showdown and Three unforgettable, Ted Dekker drags that question into the light with this modern day parable about how we see ourselves.

Humming with intensity and blindsided twists, Eyes Wide Open is raw adrenaline from the first page to the last pure escapism packed with inescapable truth.

Not all is as it seems. Or is it?

Strap yourself in for the ride of your life. Literally.

Eyes Wide Open

Ted Dekker Eyes Wide Open

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