Ted Dekker – Elyon

Elyon is the 6th and final book in Ted Dekker’s Lost Books series.

This novel for young adults was originally released on June 2, 2009 and was co-written with Kaci Hill.

Elyon book description

Elyon’s lakes have turned blood red. Is it a curse… or the cure?

Shaeda has one blue eye and one purple eye. No one fully knows her story, but her mere gaze eats away at the core of one’s being. In his quest for power, Johnis now finds himself in her intoxicating grip.

Assumed identities, a magic amulet, the fearsome Shataiki bats, and a troubling alliance with the Dark Priest all converge against the three remaining chosen.

Only Elyon knows what will happen when the forces of ultimate good and evil clash in their final battle. Dive deep with them in this epic conclusion — if you dare!


Ted Dekker Elyon

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