Ted Dekker Caleb Series

On April 4, 2001, Ted Dekker released his second novel – a book that he’d written with Bill Bright called Blessed Child.

The following year, they published a sequel in what became known as the Caleb series.

Below, we’ve listed the books in this (short!) series. The titles of the books link to pages for each of them; on there, you can:

  • Read descriptions of the stories
  • See the book covers
  • Click through to the books on Amazon in order to read reviews or buy copies

We also have a complete list of Dekker’s books in order by publication date if you’d like to find out more about all his novels.

Caleb Series In Order

  1. Blessed Child
  2. A Man Called Blessed

You can also get both novels in the Caleb series in an omnibus edition: